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Our current MONDWIND “The Magic Cloak” tour will be moved to 2023.

After our sensational and very successful premiere with our wonderful horse show MONDWIND “The Magic Cloak” on August 14, 2022, in the Arena Kaltenberg, we were very much looking forward to taking you, dear audience, on our magical journey with the “The Magic Cloak” in the fall and winter of 2022/2023.

“Unfortunately, we can’t magically make up life how we would like.” With a heavy heart,  our organizer, Manfred Hertlein Veranstaltungs GmbH,  has announced that the current tour, MONDWIND “The Magic Cloak,” will not take place as planned. He is forced to postpone the tour to 2023/2024 due to the adverse economic development, the energy crisis, and the associated exploding costs, as well as an unforeseeable concern about restrictions due to another corona wave and the problematic political situation with Ukraine.

The new tour dates are as follows:

WetzlarSA 09.12.2023, 20:00 o‘clock
SU 10.12.2023, 15:00 o‘clock
TrierSA 16.12.2023, 20:00 o‘clock
SU 17.12.2023, 15:00 o‘clock
OffenburgSA 06.01.2024, 15:00 o‘clock
SA 06.01.2024, 20:00 o‘clock
LingenFR 12.01.2024, 20: 00 o‘clock
SA 13.01.2024, 15:00  o‘clock
RegensburgSA 20.01.2024 15;00  o‘clock
SA 20.01.2024, 20:00  o‘clock

Already purchased tickets keep their validity!

We ask for your understanding and look forward to a hopefully carefree time at our dreamlike show, MONDWIND, “The Magic Cloak,” next year.

Sunday, 14 August 2022

“Horse show “Mondwind” fascinates visitors in Kaltenberg.”

The Augsburger Allgemeine reported after our grand premiere last Sunday: “Mondwind – the magic cloak” is the name of the new family entertainment show with horses- created by director Holger Ehlers – the succession of the victorious horse show “Apassionata.”

The spectators were taken on a magical journey through our dream theater for two hours. “Skillfully, the director manages to conjure up dreamlike images in every scene with opulent, imaginative costumes and props,” the Augsburger Allgemeine continues to write.

Especially the little spectators could hardly keep their seats at the end. “Magical it becomes again with the horse theater Artequus Equestre while the spectators hold their breath when Paco Maros rides the Hungarian Post standing on two horses, he jumps over obstacles with the entire team of four horses standing. At the end of the grand finale, all riders present themselves in new costumes and receive long-lasting, enthusiastic applause. The first girls have been pulled from their seats, admiring steed and rider from the edge of the ring. They also are the first to stroke the horses as the performers line up with their well-behaved animals for the finale.” An experience for the whole family!

You can read the whole exciting article here:

You want to be there live next time? Then get your tickets quickly.

Friday, 29 April 2022 | The Show – Flying manes in the glare of countless spotlights, powerful hooves thundering through the sand, whirling dances, and a profoundly touching story. THIS is the new breathtaking horse show – MONDWIND.

The world premiere of the brand new international horseshow »MONDWIND – The magic cloak« will be hosted in Schloss Kaltenberg (near Munich). Book your tickets for this huge open-air family event on 08/14/2022 at 3:30 pm. We are delighted to have found a perfect location for our magical show in Schloss Kaltenberg – also well known for it’s knight tournament and winter market.