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The new show

The Magic Cloak

A Lost Empire as a setting.

The plot of “The Magic Cloak” is set in the long-dead “British Empire!”, the most significant colonial Empire in the world. Endless lands amid harsh nature stretch across the world of that time. Mystical creatures populate fabled light forests on the borders of the Empire, and dangerous gangs roam the alleys of London. Somewhere in this city, an old tailor sits in his small workshop.

The Secret of the Old Tailor

That tailor is truly no ordinary tailor! Around his shoulders, he wears an ancient magic cloak. This cloak passed down from one generation to the next for centuries has the power to pacify the conflicting forces of our world, provided the chosen one is worthy of wearing the cloak! But now the time has come for the aged tailor. He must let go of his faithful magic cloak so that it may choose a new, worthy wearer from all over the Empire.

A Good-for-nothing Flâneur as a World Savior?

After all, it is a wandering good-for-nothing who discovers the mysterious cloak for himself. But is the chosen one worthy of wearing the cloak? The events come to a head! Dark forces want to seize the cloak and plunge the earth into chaos. The fate of mankind is now in the hands of a good-for-nothing flâneur. Will he succeed in saving the world from the looming darkness?